The Veil – Part 27

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend. This last week was a pretty crazy one in South Africa with violent protest action all over the country. Hopefully, the new week will see the country rising out of the ashes. A girl can dream, right?

Anyway … if you’ve missed any of the previous episodes of The Veil, you can catch up here. Please remember these episodes are published as I write them. They are basically the first draft and have not been edited.

Without any further preamble, here’s the latest episode for your reading pleasure.


Carol didn’t think it was possible to feel anything more without dying from the pain. Jack had taken his time sawing through her wrist. She’d felt every stroke of the blunt, dirty saw. He’d done it slowly, stopping between each thrust so that she would experience each cut. He didn’t want her to become numb to the pain. Jack wouldn’t allow her to pass out. Every time she came close to losing consciousness, he threw a bucket of cold water over her. Where he got the bucket or the cold water from was a mystery to her.

Her discarded hand lay on the floor next to her. Jack placed it within her sightline as a reminder. Strangely enough, she wasn’t bleeding a lot. Carol had expected more blood. She’d expected the kind of arterial spray she’d seen on so many horror movies. She’d also hoped to bleed to death, that way Jack wouldn’t be able to do anything more to her. But he’d made sure she’d live through it. It was only the beginning. Jack was having too much fun for it to end now. Making her live through whatever he had planned was probably her punishment for going after Sarah. She thought she was so smart finding Sarah, but now she wondered if it hadn’t all been part of some elaborate plan of Jack’s and she was just a pawn in his cat and mouse game with Sarah. It was all about fucking Sarah. Probably in more ways than one.

Jack sat on the arm of the couch, looking down at her while smoking a cigarette. He seemed as though he were contemplating his next move. Before she had a chance to breathe, his burning cigarette touched the bloodied stump that had once been her slender wrist, sending another wave of pain and nausea through her. A twisted scream exploded from her mouth. Carol didn’t recognise the sound as her own voice. It sounded more like that of an animal being tortured, not a human being.

Her vision started to blur when she caught sight of Dr Brink. A wonderful feeling of nothingness began to envelop her, she wondered what he was doing there. This would seriously mess with his theory about there being no such things as demons. Would he start prescribing himself all those drugs he’d been giving her? She heard herself sigh as a blissfully warm and enveloping nothingness took hold of her senses. Was this it? Was this how it felt to die? And then the ice-cold water hit her.


So … what do you think of the madness that is The Veil? Any thoughts?

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