The Veil – Part 20

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

How are you? I hope you’ve had a fantastic weekend and are ready for the week ahead. I’ve just started reading Death Dance by Linda Fairstein. I’ve never read anything by her before, so this should be interesting. What are you reading? Anything interesting?

Anyway, if you’ve missed any of the previous chapters of The Veil and need to catch up, you can find all of them here.

Without any further ado, here’s the latest episode for your reading pleasure.


The loud noise shocked Michael. The sound couldn’t have been a gunshot. It just couldn’t have been. That would be too absurd.

“Byron? Sarah?” He shouted into his cell phone. “Is anybody there?”

Someone screamed. It really had been a gunshot. He hadn’t imagined it. He was too late. He shouldn’t have stopped for food.

“Ohmigod! What have you done?” He recognised Sarah’s voice, shouting.

“Hold on, Sarah,” he yelled, trying to keep his own hysteria at bay. “I’m on my way.”

He heard someone pick up the phone on the other end and then the line went dead.

With his heart beating in his throat and ignoring the strange looks he got from the other people in the restaurant, he punched 10111. He hoped the cops would get there in time.

While he waited for the emergency services to answer, he ran out of the restaurant without paying for his half-eaten meal.


Bael swayed and stumbled on the cobblestones as he made his way along the narrow alleyways of the pit. He was completely and utterly drunk. He’d failed to get Asmoday to see reason. Had everyone in Hades been infected by madness? Was he the last sane demon? He wept for his world as he fell to his knees. The smell of urine wafted up his six nostrils, and he vomited from all three of his mouths.

“Why do you insist on disobeying me?” Lilith’s disembodied voice resounded inside his heads. She would never soil her feet by walking along the paths that her underlings trod. She didn’t need to be within normal hearing range to communicate with her subjects. She could torment and command any one of them from the comfort of her bed whenever she wished.

“This is folly,” he whispered to the dark corners. “If he has his way, there will be no turning back. Neither world will be the same. You must see reason. I implore you, my Queen. Please listen to me.”

“I have made my decision, and yours is not to reason why, but to obey.” Lilith’s voice was loud enough to shatter all six of his eardrums. Blood trickled down his neck.

Lilith would not change her mind, and none of the other’s would risk moving against her. He had lost. His world was doomed. There was utter silence as Bael sobbed on his knees in the filth of the alley.


So what did you think?

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