The Veil – Part 18

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Without any further ado, here’s the latest part for your reading pleasure.


Once inside the cabin, I felt safer. Byron was within shouting distance if I needed him, which, in some ways, was also a problem. I couldn’t help but worry what Carol would say in front of him. As far as he was concerned, my mental issues were in the past and just a reaction to my father’s death. He, like the rest of the country, knew about what had happened with Dr Lynch. Well, he knew the simplified version. And I wanted to keep it that way. I didn’t want any of it to touch him or our relationship.

But after Jack’s reappearance and Carol showing up, that looked more and more like a pipe dream.

I led Carol into the open plan kitchen and dining room area. The fire blazed and warmed up the room, giving it a cosy glow. I heard the shower running, and Byron whistled a familiar tune. I couldn’t understand why it bothered me.

“Coffee?” I asked, trying to ignore the queasy feeling in my stomach.

“So, you weren’t joking when you said you didn’t have anything stronger?” She said, peering over my shoulder at the coffee tin on the counter.

“No, I wasn’t,” I said, trying to keep my voice as even as possible.

“I thought you were a tequila girl.”

“That was before.”

“Before, Jack?”

I turned away from her and filled the kettle with water. Byron turned off the water in the shower but carried on whistling. My heart rate quickened.

“One would think that with all the money you got from the lawsuit, you’d buy a better brand of coffee,” Carol said.

“There’s nothing wrong with my coffee,” I said, putting the kettle back on its stand and flicked the switch.

“It’s cheap shit.”

“I like the taste, and if it’s not good enough for you, then you don’t have to drink it.” I gave her a cold glance. I wouldn’t be bullied by her or anyone else. Not anymore.

“Fine,” she said, shrugging her shoulders. “I’ll drink your swill.”

Byron came out of the bathroom wearing a towel wrapped around his waist, still whistling. A shiver ran down my spine. I recognised the tune. It was one of Jack’s favourite songs, Queen’s ‘I’m going slightly mad’. Byron hated Queen. He walked into the bedroom without noticing that we weren’t alone.

I watched as Carol’s face turned white and her back stiffened. My phone rang in the bedroom, distracting me. I heard Byron answer it, which was strange. He’d never answered my phone before.

“Just a second,” he said to the person on the other end.

“Babe, it’s Mike. He says it’s important,” he shouted; probably thought I was still outside. “Oh, there you are,” he said as he walked out of the bedroom and saw me standing in the kitchen. It was only then that he noticed Carol. It was then that we both noticed she was holding a gun.


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