The Veil – Part 16

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

How was your weekend? Read anything interesting? I just started reading Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman.

Anyway … Here’s the next part of  The Veil for your reading pleasure. If you missed any of the previous episodes you can catch up here.


Michael’s stomach growled as he approached the outskirts of Dullstroom. He was an hour and a half from Crystal Springs, and the small town had some of the best Pancake places in South Africa. He’d made good time, and he was starving. There was time for a quick bite to eat.

While a part of him urged him to carry on driving, to get to Sarah as fast as possible. Another part of him thought he was being ridiculous, that he was overreacting. Carol was probably nowhere near Sarah. The chances of Carol finding out where Sarah was, were slim to none. If he showed up and interrupted Sarah’s romantic getaway and Carol wasn’t there … He wondered if he was behaving irrationally.

His stomach growled again. He hadn’t eaten anything since dinner the night before and hadn’t had time for breakfast before his early morning appointment with Carol. Twenty minutes wouldn’t make much difference anyway. Or so he told himself. He also wouldn’t be any good to anybody if he were dying of starvation. He thought about going to a fast food place with a drive-through, but the one thing Dullstroom did not have an abundance of was fast food joints.

The picturesque town did make him miss Mark and made him want to reconcile after their argument. Dullstroom was known for its fly fishing and trout. It was a beautiful and romantic weekend get-away spot which he and Mark loved. There were so many B & B’s to choose from. They were in the process of trying each one at least once. But his conversation with Mark still bothered him. He hated fighting. He considered calling him once he stopped outside one of the quaint restaurants, but then that would be counterproductive. Mark would take it as a victory, and it would open him up to more fights about Sarah. So the reconciliation would have to wait until after he’d dealt with Carol’s current fixation on Sarah.

Driving slowly along the main street, Michael kept an eye out for a parking spot. Cars lined the road on either side. A parking attendant in yellow bib waved, attracting his attention, and pointed out a narrow gap between vehicles. It would be a tight squeeze, but he’d manage it.

Once parked, he walked across the road to a Victorian-era replica pancake house. It was small, cosy and smelled of heaven. A waitress, dressed in jeans and T-shirt, seated him and placed a menu in front of him. Neither the waitress nor the menu fitted with the Victorian era, but that was typical. It would be a bit strange if they took the theme too far. At least the décor was in keeping with the period.

He ordered a cup of coffee and a savoury pancake with fresh trout. His mouth watered at the thought. While he waited for his food to arrive, his thoughts turned to Sarah and Carol. His two patients were so different. One was an old friend, and the other was someone he doubted anybody could help. Carol didn’t want to be helped. She clung to her delusions like a blanket. They kept her from facing the truth about herself and what she’d done.

What worried Michael was the similarities between the two cases. He suspected that Carol had somehow latched on to Sarah’s case, perhaps when Sarah had discussed everything on TV, or maybe Carol had broken into his office and read Sarah’s case file. He wouldn’t put it past her. Their incredible fantasies about a demon were too similar to be a mere coincidence.

What would happen once both women were in the same room together? The answer caused him to pick up his phone and try once more to reach Sarah. All worries about being paranoid or ridiculous evaporated in an instant. Using his thumb, he found her number under the recently dialled numbers and hit the call button. His heart was in his throat as he waited for her to answer. He only hoped it wasn’t too late. He would never forgive himself if his empty stomach was the reason something happened to Sarah.


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