The Veil – Part 2

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I hope you enjoyed the first part of The Veil. Here’s the second part.


Carol sat on the old leather couch. Dr Michael Brink sat behind his desk, staring at her. She’d been seeing him for a couple years, and still, the visions persisted. They’d started the day of her wedding to Denise and the day her brother, Kevin, slit his own throat. The selfish bastard had done it right in front of her and ruined her perfect day.

The man in her visions or nightmares called himself Jack. Michael called him a hallucination, but she called him her own personal demon. The pills she took every day weren’t helping, in fact, her hallucinations were worse. Far worse.

“You’ve got to give me something stronger,” Carol begged. “Please. I can’t take this any more.”

“Carol,” Michael said, looking down at the pad in front of him, “there’s nothing else I can give you.” He didn’t meet her eyes. “Pills are not the answer.”

“So what is?”

“We need to get to the root cause behind these hallucinations and the best way to do that is if you talk to me and be completely honest, with yourself and with me. Stronger drugs will not solve the problem, they’ll only lobotomise you. They’ll turn you into a walking zombie. You don’t want that, do you?”

“Anything’s better than this. A bullet to the brain is starting to look good.” The sad thing was she meant it. She didn’t know how much more of Jack’s relentless punishment she could handle.

“Have you made a decision about who you want to give Jack to?” He was humouring her. She heard it in his voice. He thought she was completely crazy and hated him for it.

“I think my mother should get him.”

“That’s a pretty obvious choice,” he said leaning back in his chair. “But why not Denise? She left you to deal with your brother’s death on your own.”

“I know.”

“Do you know where Denise is?”

“She’s in Mauritius.”

“Nice place. How do you know she’s there?” He leaned forward and rested his elbows on his untidy desk.

“It’s where we planned to move after we got married. We rented a house on the beach in Grand Bay. I got a postcard from her a few weeks ago, letting me know she’d bought a house on the island. Apparently, it’s next door to Princess Stephanie of Monaco’s place.” Tears slowly ran down her cheeks. She didn’t pay them any attention and ignored the box of tissues Michael placed in front of her. His gesture of kindness only increased her pain and her loathing for him.

Jack stood at the window holding Sarah’s hand. Sarah looked around the room in confusion. Carol tried to ignore the vision, but her heart thumped in her throat. She hadn’t seen Sarah in years, hadn’t wanted to see her. Sarah’s ordeal in the mental home had been splashed across the news. They’d even interviewed her on Carte Blanche, the South African version of Sixty Minutes.

The rape of catatonic patients had been a big story for about a week. Her fifteen minutes of fame were up. Seeing her with Jack made a certain kind of sense. It explained her going mad and, knowing what she knew about Jack, it explained how she’d gotten him. It didn’t explain how Sarah managed to survive.

“Is Jack here right now?” Michael asked, her face must have betrayed her.

“He’s standing at the window with Sarah.”


“Kevin’s ex-girlfriend. The one who stabbed him.”

“Oh.” Michael’s face changed as he glanced towards the window. “I’d forgotten you knew each other,” he whispered. He shook his head and the strange look, Carol had trouble interpreting was gone. The smile he gave her was fake, and she realised that he knew something about Sarah that she didn’t.

“I didn’t realise you knew Sarah. Were you her shrink?”

“I think our time’s up for today,” he said. “I’ll see you the same time next week.” He closed her file.

“We’ve still got ten minutes,” she said looking up at the clock on the wall behind his desk. “Are you the reason she ended up in the nut house? Was it your bad care that resulted in her rape?” She relished the pained look on his face the questions provoked.

“That’s all for today.” He stood and walked around his desk towards her. She looked up at him, reluctant to give in. She smelt his aftershave and wondered what the story was between him and Sarah. She would get to the bottom of it, she had to. Perhaps Sarah held the key to surviving Jack.


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