Short Story – The Devil’s Wedding

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The Devil's Wedding

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The Devil’s Wedding

Burning candles atop the skulls of the damned lit the cavern, while cursed souls sang the wedding lament. The bride walked out of the fires of Hell towards her groom who waited in the darkness to claim her as his own for all eternity. Theirs was a love created in the inferno, timeless and everlasting. Her name was Lilith, the mother of demons. He was known by many names, but his favourite was Lucifer, the bringer of light. He was undoubtedly the light in her life, as she was the beautiful darkness in his.

Her wedding dress had been woven from the souls of those she’d condemned for all time to the underworld. Their mouths agape with soundless screams formed a subtle pattern in the fabric of the dress. Their painfilled groans echoed through the rustle of the material with every step she took towards her betrothed.

His suit was cut from the flayed and charred flesh of the angels who’d caused his fall from grace. Their blood gave the weave a red pinstripe, making him feel very dapper in his outfit. His revenge on his brothers was now complete. He had everything he had ever wanted and was now the happiest of all the angels.

Demons, the happy couple’s children, were legion and congregated to watch their parents finally tieing the knot. They’d been asking for this day for millennia, and their parents had only agreed once they’d gotten the joyous news that Lilith was carrying another child. An exceptional child. The omens were all auspicious and declared that the baby demon growing inside her would herald the dawning of a new age for all demonkind. The news of their nuptials and the impending birth had the whole of Hades celebrating for weeks before the wedding and would see Perdition partying like no time before for many months to come.

A former Catholic priest, condemned to Hell for his fondness of young boys, stood next to Lucifer under the cross of St. Peter and would officiate over the ceremony. The priest was happy for the break from his constant torment at the hands of his former victims. Once the service was over, he would once again have to return to his prison cell and once more face the boys he’d fondled and bespoiled. It didn’t matter to them how many times he declared that he loved them, they would still make him suffer for that love. He resolved to make the ritual last as long as possible to stave off the inevitable, even if it was just for a little while.

Lilith’s smile displayed her gleaming white fangs as she sauntered down the final few steps of the bloodstained aisle. Her immortal beloved waited for her with a matching smile. The baby kicked impatiently within her womb urging her on. He seemed to know that his time would be coming soon.

Lilith and Lucifer took each other’s hands and waited for the priest to begin. The priest took a deep breath before plunging into the most important speech of his entire life and death. He hoped that if the bride and groom were happy with his service then perhaps they would be more lenient in regards to his eternal punishment.

“Today there will be no dearly beloved, and no ancient verse of the matrimonial. Today there are no archaic languages to sanctify vows that are very much alive and will remain so for all eternity for this couple who are as primeval as the ground we stand on, and as endless as the air we breathe.” The priest paused and looked around the room for effect. “Today is not about the words spoken, or the rings exchanged, nor is it about grand declarations and recessional marches. This day – the day of Lilith and Lucifer’s wedding – is about love. Love everlasting.”

The priest paused once more to take a sip of his sulphur tainted water and almost spat the foul tasting liquid out, but realised just in time that if he did so, his punishment would be even more severe than anything he’d experienced thus far. The water burned his throat as he tried to swallow it.

“I have been informed that Lilith and Lucifer have written their own vows,” the priest croaked, then turned towards Lucifer. “You may state your vows to your bride.”

“Lilith, my eternal flame burns only for you,” Lucifer said with a solemn expression on his face. “I pledge my everlasting heart and my damned soul to you. I will stand by your side with my sword in hand and fight for our dominion. I will protect you and all our children from those who seek to destroy us. I will stand fast in that love for all eternity. This I vow.”

The priest handed Lucifer a double-edged blade, the dagger had been Lucifer’s since the fall. He cut the palm of his hand and bled into a silver chalice.

The priest then turned to Lilith.

“You may state your vows to your groom,” the priest said, his voice no longer sounding like a frog.

“Lucifer, you are the everlasting light in the darkness,” Lilith said through happy tears. “I have loved you since time began. I promise that I will never stop loving you. I will stand by your side in battle and shield you from all who would harm you and all our children. This I vow.”

The priest handed Lilith the same dagger, and she cut her hand in the exact same place Lucifer had. Her blood mingled with his in the chalice.

“As your blood is joined in this cup so are you joined forever more,” the priest said, holding the chalice out for the couple to take. “Now drink of your blood from the cup of life and be joined.”

Both Lucifer and Lilith held the cup of life, their hands intertwined around the chalice. Lucifer drank first, as he had been the first to bleed, and then Lilith drank. The priest took the empty cup from the bride and groom and said, “I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may seal your union with a kiss.”

With blood still on their lips, they kissed long and deep and licked the blood from each other’s mouths. As they continued to savour the taste of each other, the fires of Hell blazed even brighter, and their children roared in delight with their parents’ marriage.

The priest wiped tears from his cheeks. His tears were not the happy tears that are considered the norm for a wedding. His tears were only for himself. It had been over too quickly, and he wouldn’t be allowed to stay for the wedding feast. The priest fell to his knees as two of their sons stepped onto the dais and stood on either side of him. They were there to take him back to the dungeons and back to his tormentors. As the priest was dragged away, he wailed and begged for a reprieve. The newlyweds ignored the priest’s antics. They were too consumed by each other’s love.

The wedding feast was brought in on silver platters by the spirits of the evilest of Hell’s inmates. They were there to serve, not to enjoy the party. Goblets containing blood were handed to the couple’s children who raised a toast to their parents. While their children feasted, drank, and celebrated their union, Lilith and Lucifer embraced in the centre of the ancient cave. Their bodies swayed to the beat of drums and the screams of those being tormented in the firey pits of Hell. They were the happiest of immortals.

Lilith’s unborn child kicked in her womb as he did somersaults inside her. His movement rustled her dress, upsetting those damned souls woven into the dress. First his hand was visible through the fabric and then his foot.

“I think our son is eager to join his brothers and sisters in celebration,” Lilith said with her hand on her swollen belly.

“As I am eager to have him join us in this world,” Lucifer said as he caressed Lilith’s stomach. Father and son touched hands briefly. “Soon he will usher in a new era for us.”

Lilith’s scream put an end to the celebrations and Lucifer’s speech about his son’s future.

“He heard you,” Lilith managed to say through clenched fangs.

“That’s my boy,” Lucifer said with fatherly pride. “He’s already doing as his father wishes.”

“His mother wouldn’t have minded if he waited a few more days,” Lilith groaned as she doubled over in pain.

The cave became a hive of activity as the demons prepared for the arrival of their baby brother. They’d been practising for this day for quite some time. They’d also had a lot of experience over the millennia. Many of the older demons had helped deliver thousands of their brothers and sisters. Although this birth felt different. It was too soon, and Lilith had never screamed that loudly during labour before. It worried all her children.

Lilith’s face contorted in pain and fear as another contraction ripped through her body. Blood seeped through her dress and ran down her thighs. Lucifer picked her up and carried her across the cavern to a red velvet covered chez lounge. Once she appeared to be more comfortable, he patted his wife’s hand, but his face betrayed some of the concern he felt. He tried to remain as calm as possible to reassure Lilith and his children. It would not do for his legion to see their father panic. He also hoped that if they were calm, then the baby would also be more relaxed making for a more natural birth. Lilith’s screams, however, ruined the image of the calm he tried to project.

“Lilith, my beloved, you need to stop screaming,” Lucifer whispered in her ear. “You’re upsetting the children.”

“I’m upsetting the children?” Lilith shouted at him. “Would you like to give birth to this particular demon spawn?”

The floor of the cavern shook beneath the feet of the gathered hoards as another of Lilith’s earth-shattering screams reverberated around them and prevented Lucifer’s reply. The air felt electric. The static discharge caused lightning strikes within the confines of the cavern. The whole of the Underworld felt the effects of the imminent arrival. The inferno burned brighter and hotter than ever before. The fires consumed many souls that had been condemned to the flames. Another of Lilith’s screams cracked the roof of the cave sending rocks falling on the heads of those unlucky enough to be standing around doing nothing, knocking them unconscious.

As another contraction contorted Lilith’s body, her blood soaked through the chez lounge and dripped onto the ground.

“He’s almost here,” Lucifer said and patted his wife’s hand once more. “Just one more push my love.”

“I’ll give you one more push when this is over,” Lilith said through gritted fangs and gripped her husband’s hand, crushing his fingers as she pushed. Her son’s head emerged from between her blood-encrusted thighs.

Lucifer caught his newborn son and held him up for all to behold. His brothers and sisters roared and clapped in appreciation. His mother lost consciousness for a few seconds. When she regained her senses, she was ravenous from the blood loss and grabbed one of her younger daughters who’d made the mistake of being within arm’s length of her mother. Lilith inhaled her daughter’s soul, then took a bite out of her throat, and drank her dry. It was finished in a matter of seconds. Lilith hadn’t even realised what she’d done until her daughter’s empty husk lay at her feet. She felt a twinge of remorse as she wiped her daughter’s blood from her mouth, but it only lasted a few moments. Her guilty feelings disappeared once she beheld her newborn son gurgling happily in his father’s arms. He was perfect in every way. His beauty would bring the world to its knees. No creature in Heaven, Hell, or on earth would be able to deny him anything. His brothers and sisters already knelt before him. Soon the world would follow their example, and Heaven would fall.

But first, his bottom needed to be cleaned, and he needed to be fed. Lucifer wanted him to be breastfed, although Lilith was considering bottle feeding him, much to Lucifer’s disappointment. They were her breasts after all and not his, but those were arguments for another time. There were still many years to come before the child would take his rightful place at the vanguard of Lucifer’s forces. In the meantime, there was celebrating to do.


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