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Consequence has finally been released on the world.

The Race 5 - Consequence

Joanna survived another brutal race and the Runner rebellion. But now she must work with Von Zimmer to try and save a village on an Ethiopian coffee plantation from annihilation.

Can they face their personal issues and survive their cruellest adversary yet?


Here’s a short extract for your reading pleasure:

Addis Ababa was surprisingly chilly. I’d thought I was going into a typically hot African climate. I was wrong. I may as well have stayed in Europe. The only thing hot about it was that we were stepping into the middle of a bloody war zone.

As we drove through the streets of the Ethiopian capital city, there was chaos all around us. Police and soldiers tried to keep protestors under control but failed miserably. We sat in the back of the typical black SUV favoured by The Organisation while people ran past us shouting and throwing bricks. A teargas canister exploded behind us.

Kurt, pulling double duty as pilot and driver, tried to manoeuvre the SUV around the people and away from the chaos. He turned into a side street and drove through what seemed like a maze before we finally made it out of the city and away from the protests.

Thank fuck for Google maps.

“Has any of that got to do with what’s happening on your plantation?” I asked, looking back over my shoulder at the billowing smoke rising above the city.

“To be honest,” he said. “I do not know.”

“So you have no clue what we’re walking into?”

He shook his head.

“Great,” I sighed. “Are we meeting your men at the plantation?”

“I have not had any communication from my people on the plantation in twelve hours,” he said. “The last I heard from my foreman was when he called me in the early hours of the morning to inform me they were under attack. The line went dead before he could give me any further information.”

“So…” I said. “For all we know they could all be dead.”

He nodded and clenched his fists and jaw. I’d never seen him that worried before. I’d seen him angry, and I’d seen him in despair, but not this concerned or afraid. Not until now. I didn’t like it. He was freaking me out.

What the fuck were we walking in to?

“What about backup? When are your other soldiers coming?” I asked.

“There are no men to spare,” he said. “We are the cavalry.”

“What?” I shouted. “Are you crazy?”

He didn’t answer me. He just kept staring at his tablet, which I was on the verge of ripping out of his hands and throwing out the window.

I decided to calm down and focus on the problem at hand. There was nothing else I could do. My hands itched for my swords, which were in my suitcase, shoved into the back of the SUV. Talk about bad planning. I wondered how long it would take me to dig them out. Probably way too long. In any dangerous situation seconds count. I also didn’t know what kind of weapons the attackers would be using. They probably wouldn’t be using swords. It was the proverbial case of bringing a knife to a gun fight.



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