#TeaserTuesday – Oasis

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Since it’s Tuesday, I thought I’d share a short extract from my zombie novella – Oasis, which also has a brand new cover designed by fabulous Covers by Tallulah.

Hope you enjoy it.


Joan De la Haye_Oasis

Zulu’s teeth were looking a little on the rotten side, and his gums were bleeding. I didn’t even want to think about the germs and bacteria he could transfer with one bite. James’ medical kit sat next to me on the sand. I wondered if there was anything in it that could make Zulu a little more amenable. Unzipping it, I found all sorts of interesting things, most of which I had no idea what to do with.

“James!” I called.

“Not now Max,” he shouted back. “I’m kinda busy right now.”

“But James,” I shouted back.

“NOT NOW!” He ran at Zulu, head first. It was a poorly executed rugby tackle that didn’t entirely go as James planned.

Rummaging around some more in the medical kit, I found a new syringe and needle, still in its packaging and a few vials of liquid I couldn’t identify. All the bottles had names with very scientific names. Then I found one I recognised: Ketamine. I wondered if that was standard for a medical aid kit or if there was something my brother needed to tell me, but that was a discussion for another day. Plunging the needle into the rubber seal of the vial, I filled it with Ketamine.

James and Wolf were still trying to subdue Zulu by any means open to them and failing miserably. Zulu was twice their size. They weren’t a match for him. Even when he’d been in his right mind, I’d have bet on him in a fight. Timing my move right, I plunged the injection into Zulu’s neck. He fell to his knees. James and Wolf looked at me and the now empty syringe in my hand.

“Maxine what did you do?” James sprinted towards me and grabbed the injection out of my hand.

“Nothing.” I shrugged. “I just gave him some Ketamine. Which reminds me, since when is Special K part of a medical kit?”


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