#TeaserTuesday – Burning

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It’s Tuesday which means it’s time to share a short extract from one of my books. This week it’s from my sexy witchy horror novella – Burning.

I’ve also had a new cover done for it by Covers by Tallulah. Since Amazon has decided that it’s an erotic horror novella I decided to give it a really sexy cover that matches with the genre. What do you think of it?

Joan De la Haye_Burning

After she’d packed up the altar and swept up the salt, she closed her ritual diary and put it on top of the box, back in the cupboard. She left the chalice on top of her coffee table that doubled as her altar. She didn’t have the energy to wash her blood out. It could stand overnight she decided as she stripped down to her underwear and fell on her double bed.

Exhaustion from the week’s stress, coupled with the late night and disappointment had drained her.

She was asleep before her head touched the pillow.

Marcie didn’t notice the smoke drifting out of her chalice where her blood had coagulated. She didn’t notice the form of a man in the shadows. She didn’t feel the dip in temperature or the goose bumps form on her skin. She didn’t feel it when the apparition climbed onto the bed next to her. Only a moan escaped her lips as she was turned over onto her back. There was a slight pressure on her chest as he touched her. It was his lips on hers that finally woke her. The transparent face that greeted her when she opened her eyes came straight out of her fantasies. It was the face she dreamed of every night. Green eyes, black hair, chiselled features, and twenty-four-hour stubble that grazed her skin when he kissed her.

Her mind struggled to grasp what was happening. Had she indeed summoned this man out of the ether? Had the spell, in fact, worked?

His touch felt like a breeze from the open window as he caressed her bare skin. The underwear she’d fallen asleep in vanished into the dark corners of the room. Marcie gasped as his essence entered and filled her. It was sudden and unexpected, but completely thrilling. Every sinew in her body tingled from his touch. His essence explored every crevice of her body. By the time the dawn light filtered through her curtains every part of her had been satiated, and her desires fulfilled. It was with a deep penetrating disappointment that she watched him disappear as the light hit his diaphanous form. She didn’t want to be parted from him. She felt a part of her tear away, which caused her physical pain, as he disappeared.


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