Burning gets a sexy new cover

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

Since going full Indie last year I’ve learnt a LOT. It’s actually been a steep learning curve and being Indie is a lot more complicated than most people realise. It’s also shitloads more work than you’d think. Strangely enough, I love that! I love the fact that I’m always learning something. There isn’t a single day that goes by where I don’t learn something new about the process. I also love being completely responsible and in control of my career. For the first time in years, I’m able to say that I’m truly excited about my future as an author.

But like with any learning curve I’ve made a couple mistakes along the way and I’m sure to make a few more as I go. I’ve found I learn a lot more from my mistakes. And one of those mistakes was the cover I did for Burning last year. At the time I was just starting to figure out the whole designing my own cover thing and figuring out how to use Canva and Gimp. I still am. I think it’s going to take a while for me to figure it out properly, but I’m getting there and having loads of fun with those programmes. Although there are times I scream at my screen because they won’t do what I want them to. But ja … We’re getting there. I’m screaming a little less lately.

But anyway … Enough jibber jabber.

Here are the two covers for you to see the difference.

Burning new cover 3

The old one

Burning Cover 2

The new one!

So … what do you think?


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I then decided a few months later that I wasn’t happy with this cover either and changed it to this one…


So … what do you think of the third cover?

***Update June 2018***

And then I realised that cover design really isn’t my strength, so I got a professional to do the cover for me. And this is the amazing cover she came up with.

Joan De la Haye_Burning

Much better, isn’t it?


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