Writing Horror – Introduction

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

I’ve just received the rights back to the course material I wrote a few years ago for Creative Industries College on Writing Horror. I’ve decided to share that material with you here for free. Fox Spirit and I might then at a later date put it out as a dirt cheap ebook.


So, you’ve decided to try your hand at writing horror?

Are you fascinated by the macabre? Do the things that go bump in the night fill you with excitement? Does it give you a thrill to frighten others with your tales of the horrible and horrific?

Then horror is the genre for you.

At some point or other most literary figures have tried their hand at writing dark fiction, so why shouldn’t you?

The horror industry went through a slump after the eighties boom time, but it is now coming out of it. There is an influx of intelligent horror coming from all over the world. More and more small and independent publishers are emerging and publishing fantastic horror. There are now more and more online magazines that are accepting short horror stories and paying for them. But that doesn’t mean this is an easy industry to find a footing in, in fact it’s still one of the most difficult genres to write in. There are a lot of writers out there competing for a rather small slice of the pie.

This series of posts will hopefully give you a better understanding of the industry and of horror fiction. It will also hopefully answer those questions that have been nagging at your brain-stem and inspire you to write something that will set the world of horror alight.

Welcome to the world of wild imaginings, dark delights, and fantastic freaks. It’s going to be a scream!

Next week we’ll get into what Horror Fiction is.

In the meantime feel free to check out my Amazon author page.

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