Guest Post: Nerine Dorman

Hello my Freaky Darlings,
DSC_6857-EditToday we have fellow South African author, Nerine Dorman, hijacking my blog …
As always, a huge thank you to the wonderful Joan for inviting me over. I have plenty to share on both the writing and editing fronts.
First, a little something for those of you who are aspiring and upcoming authors of horror and dark fantasy here in South Africa (and abroad). Entries for this year’s South African HorrorFest Bloody Parchment short story competition are open until October 31. First prize is a comprehensive assessment and round of edits for your novel-length work which, as some of you may know, is worth quite a few clams. Find out here [] and if you’re looking for an idea of what sort of stories we run, feel free to purchase a copy of one of the past issues.
As author, I’ve had four releases this year, which should offer a little something to suit most readers.
The Guardian’s Wyrd may be aimed at teens, but if you’re like me, you’ll not be too fazed in your reading tastes when it comes to intended ages. If TGW print low resyou’re a fan of Harry Potter, then there’s a fair chance you’ll take a shine to Jay September when he travels to the magical realm of Sunthyst to rescue a prince.
For those of you who hanker after Anne Rice’s type of vampires, I can offer Dawn’s Bright Talons, a dark fantasy novel that pits vampires against the resurgence of an ancient foe.
“Nerine Dorman’s bright clear prose is at the forefront of modern fantasy” – Storm Constantine
Dawn’s Bright Talons is available as an ebook []
Over the past few years, a number of my short stories have slipped between the cracks, and I can only thank my last braincell that I thought to collect many of these tales that aren’t currently available in anthologies. Lost Children is the result, and here you’ll find a cross section of my work, ranging from fantasy to horror.
Last but not least, for those of you who like their fantasy fiction a little more risqué, I have a new short(ish) story entitled The Salamander Lord. It’s available as a 99c download and I envision these to be part of a bigger project in the long run. But, be warned, this story is *very* saucy.
This is by no means all I have written and, if you’re curious about my older, existing works, feel free to swing past my Goodreads page [].
Just a word, for those of you who might be wondering why Inkarna isn’t currently available. I’ve taken the novel off the market so that I can spruce it up in anticipation of its re-release when I launch book two, Thanatos. I’d like to make sure that the world’s worst typo that somehow slipped through in book one is expunged, and that the entire story has continuity from book one to two.
I’m also currently revising two of my older novelas, The Namaqualand Book of the Dead and What Sweet Music They Make, which will be released together as a duology entitled In Southern Darkness.
More than that, I won’t terrify you with, but if you’re of a mind, feel free to stalk me on Twitter [], like my Facebook page [] or sign up for my newsletter [].
South African readers can purchase a few of my titles in print over at Mega Books []

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