New Release: Gary McMahon’s Where you Live

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Where You LiveNow available: Gary McMahon’s Where You Live in paperback and Kindle. (

“Gary McMahon is a spellbinding storyteller.” – Graham Joyce

“Gary McMahon’s horror is heartfelt, his characters flawed and desperate…” – Tim Lebbon

“Gary McMahon is one of the finest of a new breed of horror writers.” – Steve Rasnic Tem

Horror is everywhere…

It’s waiting behind a closed door, sitting in an ordinary chair, or following you on a country walk. Perhaps it’s washed up on a tranquil beach, hanging at a local skate park, recorded on an MP3 player hard drive, or even embedded somewhere deep within the design of something as simple and innocuous as a supermarket barcode.
Horror is everywhere, in the shadows and in the light.
It takes on every shape, comes in every conceivable size.
But most of all it’s right where you live.

Author: Gary McMahon

Published by: Crystal Lake Publishing

Cover by: Ben Baldwin

Interior artwork for the paperback by: Niall Parkinson

eBook formatting by: Robert Swartwood

Edited by: Joe Mynhardt


“Horror – but full of emotion and substance. A real commentary on the human experience.” – Kevin Lucia, author of Things Slip Through

“The latest collection from the prolific pen of Gary McMahon takes twelve stories from his sold out, very limited, collection It Knows Where You Live and adds to these an additional seven stories. McMahon is a great proponent of the short story and the selection on offer here maintains his reputation for strong, emotionally impactful fiction.” – Ross Warren, Dark Minds Press

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