Oasis is OUT!!!

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

It’s release day for Oasis! And it’s already off to a great start with an awesome review from The Eloquent Page.

I’d had the idea for a post apocalypse story running around in my head for quite some time. Every culture has it’s end of the world myth or prophecy. The most popular at the moment is the Mayan prophecy, what with the world ending in fire in December 2012 and all that. According to them we’re all dead people walking, which is great fodder for a horror writer.

I started writing Oasis shortly before my brother was shot. I had the basic idea down and had the first few chapters sorted, but when we got the call at 4am that he’d been shot 17 times, all thoughts of finishing a post apocalypse story disappeared from my thoughts.

It was only several months later, once Johan was back on his feet, and I was sipping Chocolate Martini’s on Sandton Square with Peter Allison, who’d recently finished reading Shadows and thought I should write a gory zombie story, did I decide to turn what I’d already written for the post apocalypse  into a zombie apocalypse story. I must admit I’d never paid much attention to the zombie craze and didn’t have a clue what the zombie lore was, but thankfully I have enough friends who are crazy about zombies and were kind enough to answer my questions. Luckily zombie lore is rather fluid, so I could pretty much go completely crazy with it and just have lots of fun. Once it was finished I had no clue what to do with it or where to send it. I wasn’t even sure it was worth doing anything with it, but then Adele Wearing started Fox Spirit and was already taking on Shadows and Requiem in E Sharp, so I asked her if she thought Oasis was worth taking a look at. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Oasis is now available for download from Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and Wizard’s Tower Books.

One thought on “Oasis is OUT!!!

  1. Congratulations, Joan. I’m not a big zombie fan, either; however, a good story is a good story, no matter what its subject. I’m being serious. I write horror, but my favorite book of all is Beach Music by Pat Conroy. I fought that book until it sucked me in, whether I liked it or not.
    I’ll have to add this to my TBR file.
    Wishing you continued success with your writing. *waves*


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