Change in Publisher

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Due to certain circumstances, I’ve had to leave Generation Next. I won’t go into the rather tedious and annoying circumstances, because it’ll just piss me off all over again and will result in a rant on unscrupulous business practices and the question of crooks versus incompetent idiots in the publishing industry. Now to take a deep breath, before I tell you the good news.

The good news is that all my books have a new home over at Fox Spirit! Fox Spirit is being run by the incredibly talented Adele Wearing who is also the brains behind Un:Bound and Un:Bound Video Editions. Over the next few months, Fox Spirit will be re-releasing Shadows with a brand new cover, as well as publishing Oasis, my new Zombie novella, and Requiem in E Sharp, my very twisted thriller. They will all be published as ebooks and will be available to download from all the main ebook retailers. I’m incredibly excited by this development. I’ll keep you posted on all the exhilirating details like release dates and the new cover designs.

You can also find Fox Spirit on Twitter and Facebook.


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