An Interview with Xan Marcelles

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Today I get to chat with Xan Marcelles, the asshole vampire bassist for Crooked Fang. He’s the fictional character from the new book, Blood and Fire, by Carrie Clevenger and Nerine Dorman.

1. You’re a Vampire who also happens to be a bassist in a band. Why did you choose the bass guitar as your instrument of choice?

I got my first bass guitar as a teen when my dad was trying to give me something to get into besides trouble. We started a little garage band, sounded like shit, but had fun. When I left my sire’s house, I needed a place to stay and well, a job to have any kind of money, so me knowing how to play bass worked out.

2. How did you and your band mates come up with the name Crooked Fang?

I came up with the name Crooked Fang. When I answered the ad for a house band, the bar owner, Charlie, wanted to get a live group together to draw in business since Pale Rider’s out in the sticks. As for how? Eh, it just popped in my head. My fangs add a nice touch, don’t you think?

3. By all accounts you’re a whiskey fan. Do you have a favourite make or blend? And what is it about whiskey that takes the edge off of your blood lust?

Favorite brand of whiskey, hmm. You know, I’ve had expensive shit and I’ve had some bottom shelf diesel, but I’d say Maker’s Mark or Weller, both of which are Kentucky bourbon. So I guess I like Bourbon. Not too fond of the Irish whisky though.

The drink quiets the hunger in me, to an extent. It also eases my shyness and stage fright as a bonus. Sober, I’m moody, vampirey, and generally not good around people.

I guess I’d be an alcoholic if I were still alive. I know a few people that have suffered from it, and it sucks, but hell, it’s not like it’s gonna kill me.

4. Are there any other Vampires that you admire or who you would like to meet? Why?

If it were up to me, there wouldn’t be any vampires. Most of the ones I know are real predators, and don’t give a fuck about people, or hurting them. They’re freaks, and live either completely alone, or in houses together and fight like sorority bitches with each other all the time.

5. Is there a favourite blood type that you enjoy drinking or is it case of any vein will do?

Preferably female, because the effect it has on me comes uncomfortably close to erotic at times. People all taste different, for sure. Some taste bright and kind of sweet, while others have a darker, spicier flavor. I guess it depends on what they put in their bodies, what race they are, etc. What I don’t like are drug addicts. Because if they have shit in their system, it gets into mine and fucks me up, and I have no idea what the hell it is.

6. What are some of the pros and cons of living above the bar your band performs at?

The bar is never far away, seriously. That right there is an awesome advantage. Plus, there’s people always around, and so far, has been a great place to hide out and just exist for a while. Not to mention the customers that come in. I have my pick of what I want for dinner. It doesn’t get much better than that.

On the flipside, I’m always kept busy. I don’t sleep much, so the bar owner is always finding shit for me to either do or fix, and I’m telling you, bar work is not pretty. Cleaning up vomit or unclogging toilets isn’t exactly glamorous. And even when I do sleep, I get bugged constantly. That’s why I leave sometimes during the week and stay someplace else. Even I like a little quiet sometimes.

7. Do you miss being human or do you get a kick out of being a vampire?

I’m fifty-three and still look twenty-seven. I bite people and drink their blood to stop the pain of hunger. I can’t go to the lake in the summertime with my friends during the day. I can’t even enjoy a Sprite and a chili dog. I hate being a vampire. I’d do anything to get my life back, but what’s done is done. I just have to find ways to live with myself.

8. You and Ash made a pretty good team despite your differences, would you like to team up with him again?

Not if it means I have to go through that hell again. But if he were to stop by Pale Rider, sure. We could hang out.

9. What can we expect from you in the future?

Next stop is Crooked Fang, the book everybody’s been waiting for. That’s due out August of this year from Lyrical Press. Check out the publisher’s name. Isn’t that fitting for a musician? I thought so.

So yeah, I’m going to be in this book and you’ll get to see my world, and the kind of trouble that can walk into a bar. Some of it’s little, and some of the shit that happens is huge. All of it changes me for good.

But for right now, I’ll offer a little appeasement, and that’s Blood and Fire, the collaboration between Carrie Clevenger and Nerine Dorman, for free this weekend. And since I believe in long weekends, it’ll be free for three days, starting Friday, February 10 and ending on Sunday, February 12. Here’s the links, go get it:



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