Cat Connor and Exacerbyte

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Today the wonderful Cat Connor pays us a visit from a shattered New Zealand.

Excuse my slackness, I intended to write this last weekend – but we had Jousting to attend. Obviously, men and woman with horses and sticks take precedence over sitting at a keyboard! Then we had Miss Squealer’s 12th birthday on Feb 22nd, sadly that become the date of the most devastating earthquake this country has ever experienced.

Christchurch was hit by a magnitude 6.3 earthquake just before 1 p.m, Feb 22nd 2011. It was a shallow quake. Buildings have collapsed and unlike the big quake on Sept 4th 2010 – there is loss of life and people are trapped inside and under buildings. As I write this the death toll is still rising, and trapped people are still being rescued alive.

Oh dear, I rudely have not introduced myself… excuse me again.

Hi, I’m Cat Connor. I live in the Wellington region of New Zealand and I write international thrillers. Currently, I am writing the _Byte series. And I get to say something truly wanky and cool… I’m the author of killerbyte – the #1 best selling suspense/thriller on Mobipocket. (I know, right? 5 days at #1 and it’s still super exciting! Squeee)

This Feb saw the release of the 3rd _Byte novel, exacerbyte. This novel follows on from terrorbyte – it’s set about 18 months after terrorbyte. (That was subtle, huh? That’s right, you should read terrorbyte first – because some very important things happen in terrorbyte that are key to exacerbyte!)

Exacerbyte: Hawk is hunting again.

SSA Conway is his nemesis – she wants justice and is determined he should keep his appointment with the electric chair.

He has taken too many children and killed too many people.

FBI Agent SSA Ellie Conway has decided it is time to step up and stop Hawk, not only to prevent the abduction of vulnerable children, but also to avenge a murder.

The pursuit takes the Delta A to New Zealand, where Hawk has widened his net and increased his activity.

As the FBI team track him and investigate the disappearance of more children, a far more sinister reality emerges, which demands the might of the Military, CIA, NCIS and the Russian FSB.

Exploiting her quirky intuition, together with help from an unlikely source, Ellie realizes she must heed the augury ‘it is all about the music.’

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this book. It’s been my favorite of the _Byte books so far. Which is saying something because I love writing – I love my characters, but exacerbyte was truly enjoyable.

So go buy it… it’s available in eFormats and paperback.

I have just finished the 4th_Byte, Flashbyte, and sent that off to my gloriously patient editor. (Cross your fingers and knock on wood.)

In other news: Very soon, there will be an anthology to help the victims of the Christchurch quake. Two kiwi writer friends of mine are putting it together now. As soon as details are available, I will let everyone know. (I was asked to contribute so hopefully there will be an Ellie Conway short in it.)

On that note – go buy my books.

You can find all the information you could possibly need about Cat on her blog as well as the links to buy her fantastic books.

So, go buy her books and misbehave horribly!

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