Shadows Crossword Puzzle

Hello my Freaky Darlings,

Just for fun, I’ve got a crossword puzzle – designed by Poppet – for you to enjoy and to see just how well you know Shadows.


2 Which radio station does Sarah listen to?

6 What type of tea does Sarah drink?

7 What is Sarah’s sisters name?

8 What is Jack?

9 Whose head does Sarah discover in the fridge?

12 What is Michael Brink’s profession?

13 What colour are Jack’s eyes?

16 What type of therapy does Dr. Lynch give Sarah?

19 What does Sarah do to save her own life?

20 Which DVD does Sarah watch on her girlie night?

21 What does Jack get his victims to commit?

22 What relation is Carol’s childhood abuser?

23 What word does Jack leave on Sarah’s mirror?

24 What office building can Sarah see from her office?

25 What did Miss Nielsen teach?


1 What does Sarah end up sitting in?

3 What do Carol and Denise get Kevin to commit?

4 What brand of coffee does Sarah drink?

5 What is Sarah’s cats name?

9 What is Sarah’s boyfriends name?

10 In which South African city is Shadows set?

11 What does Sarah suffer from?

14 What was Carol’s childhood nickname?

15 Through what method does Sarah plan on getting a good body?

17 In what state is Sarah found after stabbing Kevin?

18 Who is Carol’s lover?

You can download the pdf version here: shadows-crossword

Once you’re done and would like to see the answers, just let me know and I’ll email them to you.

Hope you enjoy the crossword and let me know what you think of it.

And if you haven’t read Shadows yet, you can have a look here for a list of where you can get your own copy.

Have a creepy, Shadows filled day!

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