Hello my Freaky Darlings,

This weeks movie is Anaconda (1997):

I think I must have gotten over my fear of snakes, because this really didn’t scare me in the slightest. I watched Anaconda many, many years ago and I remembered it as being much scarier … but either my memory is faulty or I’m a lot more jaded than I once was. The only scary thing was Jon Voight’s performance and that terrible accent. But it was quite interesting to see J.Lo and Owen Wilson in a horror movie. If you want to watch it, I would suggest keeping your brain out of it. It’s good for some mindless entertainment.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

Have a creepy day!

2 thoughts on “Anaconda

  1. I don’t understand other people’s fear of snakes in the least. I have my weird fears, but I love snakes. A giant anaconda would make me scream “COOL!” rathner than in fright!

    J.Lo has made so many bad movies….

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