Swine Flu hits close to home

Hello Shadow folk,

I found out yesterday that my six year old nephews school has been hit by Swine flu! Apparently two of the teachers at his school have been diagnosed and it is feared that two of his little classmates may also have it. The school has been closed for a week. My nephew is of course thrilled by this news, but my sister, on the other hand, is a nervous wreck.

So far there are 1900 confirmed cases of Swine flu in South Africa and at least three people have died, the fourth is still to be confirmed as having been Swine flu related. I can only wonder why South Africa has been hit so hard. It’s probably because of our inefficient Health Ministry who seem to be unable to deal with anything and as a result people are dying from something that could have been treated.

Hopefully the teachers and young children who attend my nephews school will get the treatment needed. Will keep you all posted.

Have a freaky day!

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  2. If it’s any comfort, we’ve had thousands of cases in Australia, and only 8 deaths in South Australia. We’ve had confirmed cases at my daughter’s school and at my work – neither have closed. The individuals involved have been made to stay at home.

    In most cases it seems to be a fairly severe case of the flu, but not alot more.

    I hope this is the case for you and yours and those you know.

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