10 Random Things

Hello Shadow Folk,

It’s that time of the week again and I’ve introduced you to all the Demon Council members and to all the Princes of Hell, so today is all about everybody’s favourite demon – Jack! Plus I didn’t really have a clue what else to do for today’s Demon Friday post.

So without any further ramblings, here are 10 random things about Jack:

  1. I love fire. It’s so destructive and it evokes the most amazing screams from my victims.
  2. I lost my virginity to our Governess when I was fourteen. Then I found out she also broke my brothers the year before and she was sleeping with my father. Talk about a family tradition. I think  my mother had her killed when she fell pregnant. We never did discover who the father was or find the body.
  3. I think I’ve figured out a way to breech the divide between the human world and the demon Shadow world.
  4. I want to shag Angelina Jolie! I wonder if she’d be up to having a threesome with Sarah…..
  5. My favourite vice is smoking.
  6. My favourite deadly sin is Vanity.
  7. The Council no longer scare me.
  8. I’m an Aries.
  9. I play chess.
  10. I would like to be a father.

Hope you guys enjoyed Jack’s 10 Random things. Luckily next week Alan Baxter is popping in for a guest post on demons and where to find them. So I’ll have some time to figure out what I can do on Demon Fridays in the upcoming weeks. If you have any thoughts or questions about demons, please let me know.

Have a freaky Demon Friday!

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