Day Fourteen of Shadows blog book tour

Today I’m at AmberKatze’s book blog for Part 2 on demons. I’m also giving away another copy of Shadows! So pop in and see how you can win a copy.

You can also read Amber’s review of Shadows here.

Don’t forget that Shadows is only available at a 35% discount till tomorrow. So hurry and get your copy now at Mobipocket.

5 thoughts on “Day Fourteen of Shadows blog book tour

  1. Hey Joan! Looks like your book tour is going well and I’m quite impressed with how much effort you’ve put into it. I really wish I had participated but I will do a review soon. My blog does get a lot of traffic, so I hope it does help. Before you did this, I was unclear exactly how a book tour is done and you’ve cleared it up for me. I’m not a “networker” or rather I’ve never sought out and become friends with people in a specific niche. I simply become friends with people I happen to like even if their blog is about yarn, kittens or marketing. One thing I see now is it is important to become friends with people who write book review blogs etc, although I still feel odd about seeking specific friends for some reason.

    I wish you continued and growing success 🙂

  2. Thanks Bobby! I’m glad you’re enjoying the tour. I think it’s important to network with people in the industry. I’ve been very lucky though in making some very good friends with book reviewers and other horror writers. I’ve had a blast on this tour!

  3. Wow, sounds fantastic. How does one get this type of publicity? Really struggling to get my first novel published.

  4. Hi Lawrence. These days you have to organise your own publicity. I joined a group on yahoo that shows you how to organise your own blog book tour. As for getting published – Make sure your book has been thoroughly edited, preferably by a professional editor. Once your book has been polished properly you’ll find a lot more doors open to you.
    Good luck!

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