Twisted Lyrics – Part 2

My wonderful editor, Jayne Southern, let me know about this weeks twisted song – I hold Your Hand in Mine by Tom Lehrer.

I hold your hand in mine, dear,
I press it to my lips.
I take a healthy bite
From your dainty fingertips.

My joy would be complete, dear,
If you were only here,
But still I keep your hand
As a precious souvenir.

The night you died I cut it off.
I really don’t know why.
For now each time I kiss it
I get bloodstains on my tie.

I’m sorry now I killed you,
For our love was something fine,
And till they come to get me
I shall hold your hand in mine.

In case you’ve never heard of Tom Lehrer (I hadn’t until Jayne told me about him) –  Thomas Andrew “Tom” Lehrer (born April 9, 1928) is an American singer-songwriter, satirist, pianist, and mathematician. He has lectured on mathematics and musical theatre. Lehrer is best known for the pithy, humorous songs he recorded in the 1950s and 60s.

5 thoughts on “Twisted Lyrics – Part 2

  1. I always liked Tom Lehrer, though I don’t remember this song. Quite interesting in light of the fact that I’m getting your character interview ready to post on Pat Bertram Introduces . . . for your blog tour.

  2. Interesting lyrics. I haven’t heard of him , but will check him out. I like his twisted sense of humor in the songs.

  3. Thanks for sharing informations and writing this article. Looking forward to more of your stuff. Hopefully you often update your site often since you have found a loyal visitor .

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