Wily Writers at Norwescon

The Wily Writers are converging on Norwescon for two events. The first takes place on Thursday evening, from 10PM to midnight.

Bedtime Stories! Come hear stories from the Wily Writers site, read live.

This is a great way to wind down on the first night of the con. Come hang out with the Wily Writers! Wear your jammies. Bring your pillow, and let us read you a story. (Not for children.)


Six stories from six Wily Writers.

Ø Phil Brucato’s “I Feel Lucky” (read by himself)

Ø Joan De La Haye’s “Jack’s Lament” (read by Angel McCoy)

Ø Ripley Patton’s “The Derby” (read by Jason Carl)

Ø Joel A. Sutherland’s “The Death of Captain Bloodcake and the Fall of the Horrid Whore” (read by Jason Carl)

Ø Bruce Taylor’s “The Prey” (read by himself)

Ø Mark Worthen’s “The Minimart, the Girl, and the Ruger” (read by Nathan Crowder)

To find out more go to the Wily Writers site.

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