Sex Worker Conference hits Jozi

Yesterday I told you that I was attending next years Horror Con and today I’m going to tell you about another conference that started today right here in Johannesburg. And no, this is not one I will be attending.

Today, the first ever African Sex Worker conference started. It’ll last until the 5th of February. The official blurb on the conference is this: The conference is a response to the denial of human rights and ongoing violence and discrimination against sex workers in Africa.

They’re expecting about forty delegates – which I find surprising. Considering the amount of sex workers in Johannesburg alone should put that number over the hundred mark.

What do you think about this conference?

4 thoughts on “Sex Worker Conference hits Jozi

  1. It’s a very small start but I’m glad to see it at least starting somewhere. Forced sex worker crimes are a heinous and hideous issue of immense proportions and the subject needs to be shouted out and decried until global outrage puts enough pressure on those countries doing this to either clean it up and remove the slavery element of it or abolish it altogether.

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  2. I don’t believe that legalized prostitution helps women or children. There has not been enough evidence to convince me that human trafficking or sexual slavery would disappear if prostitution were legal in all countries. Even in the U.S., the sex workers who actually perform their jobs at will and without abuse are still the minority.

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