4 thoughts on “Who is your Favourite Horror Writer?

  1. For my money, it has to be Lovecraft, simply because all the other writers, as great as they are, have all been touched by his genius. The Colour Out of Space is probably my favourite horror story of them all. JB

  2. I have to vote King, just because he was the first I read. I have to tell you his son Joe Hill has some great writing in him as well. And Chuck P (don’t ask me to spell his last name) he’s an amazing writer as well!

  3. Not sure how intensive you wanted the list to be, but here are some other potential names …

    John Saul
    Robert McCammon
    F. Paul Wilson
    Peter Straub
    Rex Miller
    Scott Smith

  4. I read King and Koontz first, but Lovecraft is my fave now. Koontz very quickly became annoying, and King is hardly original anymore. I’ll still read their work but I don’t enjoy it as much.

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