10 excuses for not writing a blog post

  1. I’m hungover from last nights drinking binge.

  2. A coven of witches broke in and stole my laptop.

  3. My dog ate my laptop.

  4. I broke the two fingers I type with, while performing an impossible feat during last nights drinking binge.

  5. My husband is feeling neglected because of the time I spend on my book and my blog. As my punishment he’s confiscated my laptop.

  6. A flash flood came out of nowhere and flooded my office.

  7. My laptop is possessed and trying to kill me.

  8. An evil witch has cursed my blog, turning everything I write in to gibberish.

  9. The government has once again forgotten to stock up on coal, so I have no electricity.

  10. I’ve had a nervous breakdown and will be spending the next few weeks in a padded cell, wearing a straitjacket. The voices are telling me that my blog is pathetic and my writing is the best cure for insomnia

He ate my laptop

He ate my laptop

8 thoughts on “10 excuses for not writing a blog post

  1. LUV this list! Here are two more:

    “My cat peed/pooped/puked a hairball on my laptop and it exploded. The cat is OK – just short a life or two.”

    “My cat pulled every key off of my laptop as punishment for not buying the correct cat food.” (Trust me when I saw they can get their claws under the keys and pop them off.)

    Angela Wilson

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