South African Crime Statistics

South Africa is known for its high crime rate. The horrific topics that come up in Shadows are pretty much run of the mill stuff here in Johannesburg. Children as young as one or two are raped, because it’s believed that if you rape a virgin you’ll be cured of AIDS. (Yes, They actually believe that.) The reason they’re raping babies is because then there’s very little chance of her not being a virgin. Now if that isn’t food for a horror, I don’t know what is.

A third of rape victims  are under 17-years-old and children are the victims of 41% of all rapes and attempted rapes in the country.

A child is abused every eight minutes in the country and 85% to 90% of the bastards committing these atrocities are known to the child.

Fifty percent of women in South Africa have a chance of being raped in their lifetime and more than 40% of these bastards are known to the rape survivor, but the chances of surviving these days is very unlikely. If you don’t get AIDS (anti retro-virals are not readily available to most people here), the chances are you’ll be hacked to death with a machete.

And people wonder why I write horrors…

5 thoughts on “South African Crime Statistics

  1. Yes, it is horrible and scary. Unfortunately I don’t see things changing any time soon. Things will only change once the Government stops lining its own pocket and actually focuses on doing something about the crime and educating the people.

  2. Oh my god, Joan! That’s awful! I mean, really awful! Whoever started the idea that raping a virgin will cure you of AIDS is a monster akin to Hitler. Those who believe it are… insane. Those who act on it are pure evil. This is going to sound terrible, but anyone who would rape a child probably deserves his disease.

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