2008 Scream Awards

Being the proud freak that I am, I recently watched the Scream 2008 awards on one of our satellite channels called ‘Go’. It was one of the most entertaining award shows I’ve ever watched. They went all out and completely embraced all that is embodied by the Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy and Comic world. My only problem with the event was that it was so incredibly mainstream.

Only a handful of movies were mentioned or honoured and all of them were box office hits. What happened to the small indi horror movies? Has the horror industry gone mainstream?

Don’t get me wrong, all the movies that were mentioned were ones that I’d seen and thoroughly enjoyed, but do movies like Hellboy 2, Sweeney Todd, Ironman and Batman really represent the genre’s that were being honoured that night? Is that all that there is out there? Surely not….

What would your picks have been?

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