The Giggling Granny

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!Things are certainly getting interesting on the global front. You can’t open any news sites or look on your social media feed without seeing the doomsdayists with their “the end is neigh” and “World War Three has started”, and they may be right this time … or not. I think I’m just … Continue reading The Giggling Granny

Fantastic Collections and Female Serial Killers

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!It’s winter here in South Africa, and I’m freezing my butt off, so wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re warmer than I am.Like many people, I’m fascinated by serial killers, especially those of the female variety. This week I’m examining German serial killer Gesche Gottfried. do you think drove … Continue reading Fantastic Collections and Female Serial Killers