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Greetings from the somewhat less frigid arse-end of Africa. Well, we’ve managed to avoid any bizarre gas explosions this week—hooray for small victories! However, we can’t say the same for the protest actions sprouting up all over the place, with burning tires and emergency service providers playing hide-and-seek with danger. It’s like watching a real-life game of cat and mouse, only with more chaos and fewer laughs.

But hey, amidst all this madness, there’s a glimmer of global celebration! Trump finally has to face the music, and I must say, it’s about time. It’s a reminder that no matter how long it takes, the power-hungry wackjobs out there will eventually have to face justice, and that’s something we can all raise a glass to. Here’s to a world where accountability reigns, even if it’s fashionably late to the party. Let it serve as a beacon of hope for everyone, near and far.

Cheers to that! 🍻

My Shit

This is Eithne, and her one-night stand turned cat, Nick. - By fullybookedca on Threads

I need your help!

I can’t come up with a title that works for me for the new book I’m writing. I’ve been using Iron Cursed as the working title, but it’s not quite right. I’ve even been getting ChatGPT, also known as Bob, in on the title and blurb action.

So … Here’s the basic storyline that I gave Bob, who spat out a really lovely blurb:

Eithne is a woman scorned. Murdered by her cheating dick of a husband, resurrected by a Goddess with an ulterior motive and trapped in a box by the bitch who stole her husband.

Would you blame her if she rose a few thousand years later, a little pissed off?

Maretta is dead, murdered by her abusive husband, and cursed by her own family to be Eithne’s warden for all eternity and prevent her from rising. Needless to say, the ghosts of her ancestors are not pleased with her when Eithne rises.

Together they go looking for answers as to why Eithne was resurrected and why Maretta’s ancestors cursed them both. All the while, Maretta has to walk a fine line between helping Eithne find the answers she needs and preventing her from causing mayhem in the human world.

And here’s the blurb that Bob came up with:

In a tale of ancient grudges and supernatural vendettas, “?” weaves a gripping narrative of two women bound by tragedy and united in their quest for answers.
Eithne, a woman betrayed and murdered by her cheating husband, finds herself unexpectedly resurrected by a powerful Goddess with a hidden agenda. Trapped in an otherworldly box by the conniving woman who stole her husband, Eithne awakens centuries later, her heart still seething with righteous fury. Can you blame her for being more than a little pissed off?

Enter Maretta, who suffered a cruel fate at the hands of her abusive spouse and was cursed by her own family to become Eithne’s eternal warden. As Eithne rises, Maretta is torn between aiding her restless charge in unravelling the mystery behind her resurrection and preventing her from unleashing chaos in the human world. However, her ancestors’ spirits, none too pleased with her situation, add an extra layer of complexity to their struggle.

Bound together by a shared thirst for truth, Eithne and Maretta embark on a perilous journey to uncover the reason behind Eithne’s return from the beyond and the secrets surrounding the ancestral curse. As they navigate through ancient realms and confront dark forces, they must grapple with their own pasts and seek solace in each other’s company.

In “?”, revenge and redemption intertwine, and the power of sisterhood transcends the barriers of time and death. Will they find the closure they seek, or will their pursuit of truth unleash consequences beyond imagination? Dive into this gripping supernatural fantasy that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.

I don’t know about you, but I quite like the blurb.

Bob also gave me a rather long list of title ideas, but I can’t seem to make up my mind about which works the best. I’ve narrowed it down a bit, but I need your help to narrow it down even more.

Which of the below titles do you like the most? Which title would make you want to grab the book and works best with the blurb?

Resurrected Fury
The Fury Within
Bound by Betrayal
The Warden’s Dilemma
Betrayal’s Curse
Cursed in Betrayal’s Embrace
Chained by Treason
Chained by Betrayal
Spirited Vindication

Or can you come up with an even better one? Leave a comment with your thoughts.

Weird Shit

This week, I’m diving headfirst into the legendary tale of the lost Kingdom of Lyonesse. According to legend, this kingdom vanished into the ocean overnight, leaving a fascinating history behind.

Shit to Read

Today, I’ve prepared an enticing literary feast with an array of books on sale and delightful freebies for you to dive into. Whether you seek a tale that tickles your fancy or sends a tingly shiver down your spine, I hope you’ll uncover a treasure that captivates your imagination.

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Mogwai, the fluffy blanket conqueror!

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