The Veil – Part 25

Hello, my Freaky Darlings!

I hope you’re having a fabulous weekend filled with adventure and great books. I’m so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Life has been a tad hectic.

But without any other preamble, here’s the next part of The Veil for your reading pleasure. If you’ve missed any of the previous chapters, you can catch up here before you read any further.

I hope you enjoy it.


Bael screamed till he was hoarse. It hadn’t taken long. The demon responsible for his agony only laughed. He was proud of himself for making the powerful Bael soil himself. He told Bael this as he cut once more and pulled Bael’s skin from his muscle-tissue and sliced through tendons. Lilith had taught him well. Soon he would be tearing flesh from bone.

“Are you bored yet?” His tormentor asked him over the sound of Bael’s screams. “Because I’m bored.”

Bael stopped screaming. Surprise at the unexpected question was stamped across all three of his faces.

“You see,” the other demon said. “I’ve been taking lessons from Jack, and he’s come up with some interesting mental techniques. Would you mind if I practised them on you?” He asked as he put the scalpel down on the wooden table next to him. Bael watched as the younger demon strolled around to his heads and placed a cold finger on the forehead of his human face. There was a tingling sensation, and then everything went black.

Bael was blind and had no feeling in any of his limbs. He tried to wiggle his fingers and toes, but they wouldn’t respond to his command. All he could hear was the other demons breathing. Bael held his breath as he waited for something, anything to happen.

“Jack and our mistress have spent many an hour together honing their skills and discussing the best methods of inflicting pain in all possible ways, not just physically but also mentally and spiritually. Jack is one of the Queen’s favourites, and I’m his apprentice. Do I need to explain to you how badly you screwed up when you tried to put a stop to what Jack is doing on the other side?” Bael’s tormentor’s voice reverberated throughout all three of his brains, giving his words an echo effect. Then there was silence.

Bael tried to speak, but his facial muscles were frozen. His tongues were no longer there. He was a prisoner in his own body, unable to talk or scream or move. He waited for Jack’s apprentice to say something more, to taunt him further, but there was only that dead silence.


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