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I write horror and some very twisted thrillers.  So I invariably wake up in the middle of the night, because I’ve figured out yet another freaky way to mess with my already screwed up characters.
I’m interested in some seriously weird shit.  That’s probably also one of the reasons I write horror.
I’m deep, dark and seriously twisted and so is my writing.

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You can also get products related to my books over at Joan’s Little Shop of Horror.


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12 thoughts on “About

  1. Miss,
    Please pardon my intrusion. I wish only to tell you that your sequence of words, their adjectival steps and your dark & twisted heart have captured me! We are of course drawn to those of like mind. Shadows are where I perform my best work.

  2. A wonderful surname you have there..LEKKER!

    I am a Jersey Born Channel Islander now living in West Sussex UK. I’m also a very old ex-Soldier.
    I write poetry and am attempting to write an adventure story, but without much success.

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